CSV Searcher ver 1.1 is released .


  • CSV Pattern File created by ver 1.0 will be unavailable in near future since CSV Pattern File Format is changed. Please convert your file by reading and writing CSV Pattern File using ver 1.1.


  • Small visual and action refinements on Search Condition Edit Dialog.
  • It was to enable the wildcard characters at “equals to” and “not equals to” on Text-type Search Condition Edit Dialog.
  • Added wildcard input buttons on Text-type Search Condition Edit Dialog.
  • Added a “Web Search” to cell menu.
  • Added a function that suppress the screen turned off at reading and writing CSV File.
  • Added a context menu to Row Data Edit Screen.
  • Improved the part of drawing process in Main Screen.
  • Change the CSV Pattern File Format.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a crash bug caused by long tap on Row Data Edit Screen.
  • Fixed a rare DB error bug caused by illegal format CSV File.
  • Fixed the text of Delete Row Confirm Dialog.
  • Fixed the text of screen explaining dialog. (in trial)