No More Amazon Reviews



This is for those who find the Amazon site useful but don’t want to see the ratings.

What Extensions?

  • Hides all customer review information on the Amazon site.
  • Disallow filtering by reviews.
  • Disables sorting by reviews.
  • Easily toggle the feature on and off.
  • Does not work outside of the Amazon site.

Details and Operation

  • New pages and new tabs will start in a working state.
  • If the loaded URL is an Amazon site, it will be hidden automatically.
  • Alternative text will be displayed in the hidden location.
  • The wording of the alternative text can be set as desired on the options page.
  • Display the number of hidden locations on the page in the action button of the extension.
  • Clicking the action button will temporarily stop hiding the page. Clicking it again will hide it.
  • Hide on/off is remembered for each tab.
  • You can report pages where hiding is not working properly by using the “Report the bug page” function in the right-click menu of the action button. The report may result in subsequent improvements.
  • Except for saving the alternative text and reporting the bug page feature, we do not save or send any usage data.