Wiimote Checker

What’s soft ?

  • This software allows you to check the operation of the Wiimote and makes it easy and fast to find defective one.
  • Also supports Motion Plus, Nunchuk, and Classic Controller.
  • The tool we use to inspect the Wiimote has been brushed up and is now available to the public.

What’s for ?

  • As a tool for detecting defective products at work, it can quickly process a large number of Wiimotes.

What features ?

  • Pairing, inspecting and unpairing the Wiimote, the process is consistent and smooth.
  • Available with a standard Bluetooth adapter and standard drivers.
  • Easy-to-operate UI that considers smooth work flow and visibility for defect detection.
  • Button and plug chatter detection.

What can not ?

  • There are some Wiimote control functions that are not yet supported, such as the speaker function and Mii transfer function (to be supported).
  • There are some extension controllers that are not yet supported, such as the Balance Wii Board and TaTaCon (to be supported).
  • This software is a tool to detect some of the malfunctions and does NOT guarantee that the Wiimote will work properly.

Free Trial

Operation verification models

  • Windows10 Pro 1903-
  • iBUFFALO Bluetooth USB adapter 3.0 BSHSBD04BK
  • Zexmte Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter


Wii Remote(R), Wii Remote Plus(R), Nunchuck(R), Classic Controller(R) and Balance Wii Board(R) are registered trademarks of Nintendo Corporation. TATACON(R) is a registered trademark of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.