Simple Shisen-Sho User’s Manual

Title Screen

Command Menu

Stage Size Filtering Combo Box

Filter the record by stage size.
This is carried over to the initial selection in the Start Play dialog.

Difficulty Filtering Combo Box

Filter the records by difficulty level.
This will be carried over to the initial selection in the play start dialog (when you purchase the paid add-on).

Play start button

Opens the Start Play dialog, where you can set the conditions for the play stage.
You will not be able to start playing if you have reached the play restriction (paid add-ons).

Settings button

Settings and Add-ons Purchase screen will appear.

About the Record

  • A record will be generated for each “Stage Size” and “Difficulty”.
  • Total records without “Stage Size” or “Difficulty” will also be generated.
  • The total and the daily record for the past week will be displayed.
  • Use the Record Filtering combo box to switch the records to be displayed.
  • Time-related record items are only displayed when you filter by stage size.
  • Records will be edited at the time of completion (local time) at the end of play.
    For example, if you started at 23:30 last night and cleared at 0:10 today, your record will be dated today.

About Record Items

  • Play Count, Clear Count, Clear Ratio
    Clear Ratio=Clear Count / Play Count 。
  • Clear Streak Count,  Max Clear Streak Count
    Clear Streak Count=Number of ongoing clears.  Decisions are made on a per stage size basis. This means that if you fail to clear a stage in one stage size, it will not affect your win streak in any other stage size.
  • 1st-3rd Clear Time, Average Clear Time
    This is the best three clear times and the average of all clear times (not including play time for failed attempts).

Play Start Dialog

Command Menu

Select Stage Size Select the play stage size.
The record filtering settings will be displayed initially.
Select Difficulty Selects the play stage difficulty level.
Available after purchase of the paid add-on. It is not possible to select high difficulty stages that take a particularly long time to generate. If you do not specify a difficulty level, the difficulty level, including “Ultimate,” is random.
Input Stage Code It is possible to play a specific stage by entering a stage code.
You will not be able to start playing if you enter the wrong code or otherwise use an invalid code.

Game Play Screen

Command Menu

Difficulty Indication

Displays the estimated difficulty of the stage you are playing.
If you do not want to see the difficulty level while playing, you can hide it in the settings.

Play Time

Displays the elapsed time of play.

Removable pairs

Shows the number of pairs of tiles that can be removed at this point in time next to the playtime display.
When this number reaches 0, the game is cleared or stuck.
This is a paid add-on.

Hint button

Tile that can be removed is highlighted at this time.
Can be used up to 3 times per stage (button indicates remaining times).
The highlighting will disappear when a tile is selected.

Stepback button

Each time you click, you can go back one move.
You can revert to any number of moves as long as you do not make a selection.
Can only be used once per stage.
Can’t be used after the stage is stuck.

New Game button

Creates a new stage with the current stage size.
If you have not finished playing the stage, a confirmation dialog box will be displayed, as the stage will fail to clear.

See the Solution button

You will be taken to a solution screen that displays a sample solution for the current stage.
If you have not finished playing the stage, a confirmation dialog box will be displayed, as the stage will fail to clear.

Quit button

Return to the title screen.
If you have not finished playing the stage, a confirmation dialog box will be displayed, as the stage will fail to clear.
The back button at the top left of the window has the same function.

Settings button

Settings and Add-ons Purchase screen will appear.
The playtime count stops while the settings are being made.

About the Play Rules

  • Once you start playing, unless you clear the game, it will be treated as a clear failure.
  • When you are playing, even if you minimize the window or quit the app, it is still playing. If you restart the app, play will resume from the beginning.
  • If you choose ” New Game”, “See the Solution”, “Quit” or “Back” before clearing the stage, the game will fail to clear (confirmation dialog will appear).  After clearing the stage, you can use “View Solution” and other controls as many times as you like.
  • During play, the timer will stop while you are doing “settings” or minimizing the window.
  • Once you are stuck, you cannot use the “stepback” function. An immediate clearing failure will be recorded.
  • Recordings are generated at the time of the end of play.

Solution Screen

Command Menu

Back button

Return to the previous step of the solution procedure.

Forward button

Forward one step in the solution procedure.

Quit button

Returns to the Game Play Screen.
The back button in the upper left corner of the window has the same function.

Settings button

Settings and Add-ons Purchase screen will appear.

Preferences and Add-on Purchase Screen



Hover the mouse pointer over it to display the help explanations.


Click on it to see the information in order to purchase the add-on.

Setting items

Tile Selection Type Specifies the tile selection type.
Lock : Once a tile is selected, it will remain selected until you click on the same tile again to unlock it.
Move : Each time you click on a tile, a new tile becomes selected.
Margins Around the Perimeter Sets the outside margin size of the tiles as a percentage of the tile width.
Tile Selection Assist This sets the correction function (assist) for tile selection operations.
Do not use : Do not use the correction function.
Weak-Medium-Strong: Use the correction function at each intensity.
Adjustment : Adjust the correction function to your preference.
Snap on the Removed Tiles When there are tiles within the effective distance that can be paired with the current selected tile to form a removal, the nearest removal-ready tile is selected and the removal is executed.
Exchange the First Selected Tile with a Neighbor
On the first selection, if a tile next to it has been selected by mistake, the first selection is changed correctly and the removal is executed on the second selection.
*This is not available for lock types.
Snap to Removable Tiles When clicking on a vacant or non-removable tile, the nearest removable tile within the available distance will be selected.
* Removable Tile = Tile highlighted in the hint function.
Snap to the Nearest Tile When you click on an empty space, select the nearest tile within the available distance.
Snap on an Isolated Tile When you click on an empty space, the nearest Isolated Tile within the available distance is selected.
* Isolated tiles = tiles whose sides and corners are not adjacent to any other tiles.
Display the Number of Removable Pairs Setting (Paid add-on)
The bottom of the game play screen shows the number of pairs of tiles available for removal at the time.
* Removable Tile = Tile highlighted in Hint Function
Difficulty Display Setting Sets whether or not the difficulty level should be indicated on the game play screen.
Select Difficulty Use Setting (Paid add-on) Enables to use the difficulty selection function at the start of the game.
Automatic Record Filtering Setting Set whether or not to change the record filtering automatically after play.

For difficulty, you can choose to filter the selection to the one made in the dialog at the start of play, such as when you start with “unspecified”, or to the one you actually played.

Play Restrictions Settings (Paid add-on)
Set a restriction to prevent overplaying.
If you reach any of the limits you set, you will not be able to play or edit this setting for the rest of the day.
Restrictions on the Count of Plays Sets the maximum number of games played per day.
Restrictions on the Count of Clears Set the maximum number of clears per day.
Restricted by Play Time Set the maximum playing time (minutes) per day.
Deletion of Records Deletes all play records and initializes the records.
The settings will not be initialized.
It is locked for safety, unlock it, then press the button.
Background Color (Paid add-on) Change the background color.
Select Theme Select a theme color for the window.
Comments & Bug Reports Open the ” Comments & Bug Reports” page on the official website with your browser.
You can use the form to submit your comments & bug reports.
Official Website Open the official website in your browser.