Simple Shisen-Sho

What app?

  • A simple Shisen-Sho game (Mahjong tile match puzzle or Mahjong Solitaire).
  • Optimized for routine play applications.
  • Generates an infinite number of solvable stages (stages that are not deadlocked).
  • You can set the optimal playing feel.
  • 3 stage sizes.
  • Record the number of play and clear time for each stage size and difficulty.
  • In addition to the basic features, additional features are available with add-on purchases.
  • There are no ad displays.

What features are available?

  • You can change the window size.
  • The margins around the perimeter of the tiles can be adjusted.
  • 2 tile selection types are available.
  • Equipped with a tile selection assist function to compensate for click errors. You can play with amazing comfort.
  • Equipped with a hint function, highlighting pairs that can be removed up to 3 times per stage.
  • You can use the stepback function once per stage. You can revert to any number of steps and start over.
  • With the Suspend feature, if you quit the app while playing, you can continue playing when you resume.
  • Sample solutions can be checked with the solution display function.
  • Indicates the difficulty level of the stage.
  • You can challenge the daily task stages via the Internet.
  • The number of pairs that can be removed can be displayed.  (Paid add-on)
  • The background color can be specified in RGB.  (Paid add-on)
  • Play restriction settings to prevent overplaying.  (Paid add-on)
  • You can play a specific stage by entering stage numbers as many times as you want.
  • You can specify the difficulty level to play. (Paid add-on)
  • You can check if you are in stuck or not. (Paid add-on)

About the play rules

  • Once you start playing, unless you clear the game, it will be treated as a clear failure.
  • When you are playing, even if you minimize the window or quit the app, it is still playing. If you restart the app, play will resume from the beginning.
  • If you choose ” New Game”, “See the Solution”, “Quit” or “Back” before clearing the stage, the game will fail to clear (confirmation dialog will appear).  After clearing the stage, you can use “View Solution” and other controls as many times as you like.
  • During play, the timer will stop while you are doing “settings” or minimizing the window.
  • Once you are stuck, you cannot use the “stepback” function. An immediate clearing failure will be recorded.
  • Recordings are generated at the time of the end of play.