Simple Shisen-Sho

This is a mahjong tile puzzle game with simple rules that anyone can enjoy quickly and easily.

What app?

  • Authentic Shisen-Sho game (Mahjong tile match puzzle or Mahjong Solitaire).
  • Optimized for routine play with a simple design that will never get boring and a functional design that allows you to concentrate on playing.
  • From beginner to advanced, you can play with three different stage sizes and seven difficulty levels to suit your preference.
  • Generates an infinite number of solvable stages (stages that are not deadlocked).
  • Record the number of play and clear time for each stage size and difficulty.

What kind of puzzle game is Shisen-Sho?

  • The rules are clear: if you can remove all the mahjong tiles in a row, you are in the clear.
  • A pair of tiles with the same pattern can be removed if they can be connected with a line without being disturbed by other tiles.
  • The line can be bent up to two times.
  • When there are no more tiles left to remove, the game is over!

What modes are there?

  • Free Play: Specify the stage size and difficulty level and play immediately.
  • Today’s Challenge: Daily challenge stages via the Internet.
  • Other new modes will be added in the future as well.

What features are available?

  • You can play in any window size and margin size you like.
  • It has two tile selection types and a tile selection assist function that compensates for missed clicks. You will be amazed at how comfortable it is to play.
  • It comes with all the standard features such as Hint, Stepback, See Solution, and Check Stuck.
  • With the suspend function, even if you quit the app while playing, you can continue playing when you resume.
  • A variety of paid add-ons are available to add functionality, such as the ability to set play restrictions to prevent overplaying.
  • Other new features will be added in the future as well.

About the play rules

  • Once you start playing, unless you clear the game, it will be treated as a clear failure.
  • When you are playing, even if you minimize the window or quit the app, it is still playing. If you restart the app, play will resume from the beginning.
  • During play, the timer will stop while you are doing “settings” or minimizing the window.
  • Once you are stuck, you cannot use the “stepback” function. An immediate clearing failure will be recorded.
  • Recordings are generated at the time of the end of play.