Wiimote Checker FAQ

  • Is there a free trial ?

    Yes, there is. Please download it at following URL.

  • Why does app need strong permissions?

    This is because, due to Microsoft’s restrictions, we’ll inevitably need “all” permissions to control the Wiimote using the standard Windows 10 drivers.

  • Wiimote pairing fails

    Check the pairing compatibility of the Bluetooth adapter and the Wiimote.

    1. Open the “Devices and Printers” screen in the “Control Panel”.
      (To open: “Start” -> “Windows System” ->  “Control Panel” ->  “Hardware and Sound” ->  “Devices and Printers”)
    2. Press “Add a device” at the top, and then press the Sync button on the Wiimote.
    3. When the wiimote appears in the list of dialogs, select it and then press “Next”.
    4. Leave the passcode blank and press “Next”.
    5. Wait for the driver installation to complete.

    If pairing is not successful using this method, you will not be able to use the Wiimote Checker in your current Bluetooth environment.

    Change the Bluetooth adapter settings or change the Bluetooth adapter.